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Sleep Walk
This was the top song of 1959. It was recorded by Santo and Johnny Farina, Puerto Ricans from New York City. It was played on the steel guitar and is a favorite standard of steel guitarists.

Russian Carol
This is something that evolved over a couple of years. My wife said she liked it, a big plus, so here (hear) we go. Oh, it's titled "Russian Carol", because my wife, Carol, said she thought it might sound Russian. Years later she told me "maybe it doesn't sound Russian after all". I was crushed. You might hear a dog in the background, be assured no animals were harmed making this video.

Home on the Range/America the Beautiful
This is for Colorado. Home on the Range, written by Brewster Higley, for the flat parts. America the Beautiful, written by Kathleen Bates and Samuel Ward for the mountains. Bates wrote it inspired by the view she got from Pike's Peak. Pike's Peak is a 14er, a peak over 14,000 feet, Colorado has 54. I've done 30, some more than once, and the views are spectacular.

Manha da Carnaval
(Black Orpheus) This was written by Portugeese musician Luis Bonfa in 1959. It is from a Portugeese movie Black Orpheus. I never saw that movie, but heard it in some other movie, I don't remember what it was. I always liked it and got around to learning this version over, oh, lots of years ago.

Here Comes the Sun
One always has to play a Beatles tune. I started learning it on the ukulele. Played "Skippy" the guitar by Bob Moore/Criterion Instruments.

An NBN R-2 was used on Sleep Walk, Russian Carol and The Colorado medley. I got it in 1973. NBN Guitars

For Manha da Carnaval and Here Comes the Sun I play my all mahogany 3/4 sized guitar built by my friend Bob Moore of Criterion Instruments in 2013. It was built for steel strings, but I tried nylon strings and like them better.